Music video: Kelly Rowland - Commander (Official music video that looks no different from the last one)

So let me get this straight. Some big old fuss was made over the original video not being the final edit, just for the final version to leak and it look NO different? The only change I noticed was that the runway expands and pushes the crowd back once Kelly's dancers show up. Everything else was the same badly edited, CGI'd, choreographed crap that I'd seen before.


  1. I've had to do a promo for Kelly (as she going to be performing on GMTV next Tuesday) so I've been working with the video a lot, and this was the version I was given.

    I can't comment on has it compared to the previous version but the dancing wasn't fantastic, there should've been more close ups of the main girl and less of the crowd - we don't care about them, we want some Kelly action!

    Also, the song has grown on me, which is surprising as it's not really my thing.


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