Music video: Kylie Minogue - All the lovers

I expected more from this video given Joseph Khan was serving as director. But I like what he did. The video matched the song perfectly.

Kylie looked great. There was just the right amount of sexual vivacity. And it had some subtle and not so subtle hints of symbolism and shit throughout. The dove was obviously a sign of love and peace. And I'm going to say the horse symbolized bestiality. With the giant Elephant blimp representing sex whilst high.

The special effect shots towards the end looked pretty bad. And "All the lovers" doesn't have the re-watchability value that "Can't get you out of my head" had. But it was a good video. Trust Kylie to star in such a sexually charged flick and still retain dignity. We know how this shit would have ended up if Christina Aguilera, Madonna or Gaga did it. Slut bag city is what. "All the lovers" was probably the easiest shoot Kylie's done since "Slow". All she had to do was wave her arms, touch some faces and poke out her booty far enough for a couple of guys to reach. Oh yeah, and release a Dove.


  1. Best part of the video? THE GIGANTIC MOUND OF PEOPLE. :D


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