Music video: Meisa Kuroki - 5 -Five-

America isn't the only country with labels who sign bitches who can't sing. They do it in Japan too. Meisa Kuroki is an actress with a record deal. I take my hat off to her, because she can't act and she can't sing for shit; yet she stars in drama's on a regular basis and has been releasing music for 5 years now. I can't even make a joke about how the song title refers to her 5 minutes, because she's out lasted that.

This song is garbage. It sounds like a really bad mash-up of The Black eyed peas "I gotta a feeling" and some miscellaneous B-side disco throwback from the 80's. Kuroki looks hot in the video, but again: The Black eyed peas "I gotta feeling", only with more colour, and surprisingly mo' titties.

"Are ya ready?" was a much better song because the beat was so fly it drowned Meisa vocals like a cat being pinned down in a bathtub. And the video was better too because you actually believed she was the baddest bitch in the game for all of 2 seconds. That and it being a good video overall.


  1. In Japan sometimes it seems like all you need is a pretty face and boom they'll make you an actress and or a singer. Go figure.


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