Music video: MiChi x The Telephones - Wonder woman

MiChi do. J likes. That may change after a release where MiChi trips up like somebody lasso'd a bitch by her ankles. But so far, that has been the deal.

MiChi looks hawt in this video. She and The Telephones had great chemistry (the irony!) And it's great seeing her channel that crazy ass rock chick that we've not seen too much of in her own videos. Even if this video did look a lot like Calvin Harris' "Acceptable in the 80's" in places.

I also have to add, that I'll be check for The Telephones from now on. I love the lead singers voice. His wail has such a cool UK feel to it. I might get sick of it after all of two songs. But I'm willing to give an album of theirs a shot.


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