Music video: Thelma Aoyama featuring Red rice - Summer love

I don't hate this song. In fact, I rather like it! Although I feel like I shouldn't because this shouldn't really work on any level what-so-ever.

With Thelma being part Trinidadian, I shouldn't be surprised she did a Soca heavy song. But I never expected her to ever do it. When it comes to J-Soca (if there's no such thing, then there is now) Miray's "Jump Pump" is the jam. But Thelma's cut is still cool.

The video took it in the mouth though. A jam like this really does need - yup, you guessed it: Weave thrases, pussy pops and some heavy duty dutty whining. You can't drop a Soca style song and not pop around the clock or thrash a weave until whiplash renders a chick paralysed on the floor. Thelma let the Trinidadian side down. This was her chance to really represent.

A chick is supposed to be 22, yet she always seems to look like a 12 year old girl. I do not know what is up with that.

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