Music video: T.O.P - Turn it up

T.O.P didn't flash a single six-pack or bust a single (decent looking) dance move, and he somehow managed to look hotter and flyer than every other dude in the K-game. It's them eyes. He's got swagger for days. If anybody asked me which member of Big Bang has the most swagger in Big bang, I'd say it's T.O.P. Dude can just sit there an exude the kind of swagger that G-Dragon has to bounce around a room dressed in 2NE1's wardrobe to match.

The video reminded me of a PG-13 version of "Drop it like it's hot" with zero crippin'. And the beat on the song sounds exactly like a song I've heard before (mo' plagiarism anybody?) but I cannot think of the name of it. This is going to bug me all day now. Expect an update if I somehow managed to get a hold of the songs' name.


  1. This boy is pretty fine imo ^_^. I have one request though, please where glasses more often :)


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