Namie's new double A-side "Break it" and "Get myself back" due in July

Namie Amuro in her Coca Cola x Wild health 2010 campaign | 安室 奈美恵
Namie Amuro will be releasing a double A-side at the end of July! Fans both wet themselves with joy and cried at new songs surfacing whilst their copies of Past < Future were still warm in their CD players. But Namie is signed to AvexTrax. We know how this label cracks whips on bitches to drop singles.

In Japanese CD single release tradition, "Break it" and "Get myself back" will release a couple of formats. One featuring just the CD and a second featuring the CD and a DVD of the music videos.

1. Break it
2. Get myself back

1. Break it (Music video)
2. Get myself back (Music video)

There's a high likelihood of the Instrumentals featuring on the CD too, although tracklists aren't showing as such on retailer pages yet.

I'm always down for some new Namie. I just hope "Break it" gets a good video. I loved the concept and the look that was used the the Cola Cola commercial it featured in. But Namie has a habit of having songs get wicked treatments for commercials and then sucky music videos. "Wild"'s "Janet Jackson "Feedback" rip-off of a music video was nowhere near as hot as the Cola Cola commercial it graced months before.

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  1. GAAAHH!! I Can't wait!!! I'm Hooked on her past/future cd!! Loves it!!!


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