Nicki Minaj covers Vibe (no pink weave in sight!)

Nicki Minaj covers the June '10 issue of Vibe magazine
I prefer the shot of Nicki in Vibe which was released prior much more than this ghet-ho trash Alice in Wonderland. But at least the shot is Nicki doing how Nicki does. Air brushed. A little whacky. And still kinda hot when all is said and done. There's no pink weave though. A Nicki Minaj shot has to have some pink or green weave in the mix for it to be legit and get my stamp of approval. But she does have some orange shit going I'll give this a pass.

Now that Nicki seems to be getting magazine covers, spreads and a whole legion of fans on Twitter; how about she actually does something about this album of hers?! I've already forgotten that she has a single out, because it's just that good. (Did you just trip on the sarcasm?) I don't give a crap what anybody wants to tell me about "Massive attack" - it was better than the "Your love" rubbish she settled on / was bullied into releasing 'properly' instead.


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