Official Ayumi Hamasaki "Moon / Blossom" single cover

Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon / Blossom | Single cover
F**k that doll like expressioned face Ayumi pulls all the time. F**k it to hell! I just want to take off my slipper and go across her face with it! It hate it so much. Why can't she just pull a face or pose in a fashion that makes her look human!? Ayu looks nice in this picture, but it's an artificial kind of nice to the point where this may as well be a painting or a drawing.

The "Blossom / Moon" artwork is also due for reveal. I doubt it will differ greatly. Ayu looking in a different direction. The same image in a blue hue, or some shit.

Hear the song: Ayumi Hamasaki's "Moon".


  1. I agree. I'm sick of that look too. This song sounds like several other ballads she's put out. Just more of the same.


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