Perfume dance with bottles and ruins a classic of The Cardigans for a cheque from Pepsi

Pepsi Nex's commercial pimp list is long, and now Perfume have been added to it!

I can't say I'm in love with Perfume's rendition of The Cardigan's '96 hit "Lovefool". But the girls looked cute in the commercial. And by the love of God (or Pepsi's budget) each of them was wearing a decent pair of shoes with some nice heel!! Perfume usually end up rocking pumps that women four times their age wouldn't be caught dead in. So it's good to see the wardrobe department for the commercial upped Perfume's heel game.

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  1. erm WELL i like it ishhhh to much auto.... im not luving it luving it lol its a kool concept thou. i prefer kumis 'got to be real'

  2. I love 'Love Fool', not so much this though...yes they're cute but the electro pop is too much....

  3. I like like this.. so is top.. It's creative a concept.. so,, Go on..


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