A preview of BoA's new music video for "Woo weekend"

BoA's set to drop a new single. Despite supposedly working on her Korean comeback, this will be a Japanese release. Good luck to SM entertainment getting BoA back on MusicBank and Inkigayo stages with new material. At this rate AvexTrack won't let her for a second.

BoA looks cute. But she still looks and sounds fed-up. Where is that girl who was swaggin' and singing with energy and feist in "Dakishimeru"!? Because I can't find her. BoA needs to take a damn break. I'm tired of these half arsed efforts from her.

When Avex crack the whip, they crack it on every bitch at the same time. Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Kumi Koda and BoA all have a new single set to drop by July.


  1. Why does she look like she's suddenly re-verted back 5 years? She looks too young here! And why the Japanese track when she's meant to be re-conquering Korea? Oh well, I'll never get my head around these Asian music companies, with all these singles being released like water, it's like the companies are afraid us fans have short term memory and we'll forget who these J-pop stars are!

  2. I don't like her look either. What's going on, she looked so good on her album cover? This song is terrible, it sounds like something AKB58 or what ever the hell their name is would sing, some light weight crap. I thought she was taking more control of her musical output. At this point she should be defining who she is or something, not as you say going backwards. Even her dancing is whack, she's just going through the motions.

  3. FUTURESTARdelux12 June 2010 at 01:00

    is this from "Identity"? I'm guessing not, Avex probably have a new album ready to print as i type. The song is ok but i think BoA can do better.
    Avex need to let her go to Korea for a while (or are they scared she wont come back?).
    Poor BoA she's just a slave to (sl)avex...

  4. Maki Goto and Gackt (both on Avex) have singles out in July as well~


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