Random ass Tweet from the web: Claude Kelly calls the kettle black

me & @jessiejofficial are wondering when pop songs r gonna b about real things like people's flaws n not just "in the club shakin' my booty"
This tweet comes from the dude who wrote Christina Aguilera's "Not myself tonight", "Woohoo", Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" and some shit for Ke$ha.


  1. Damn if that aint hypocritical! XD

  2. He called that kettle black when a n***a's looking like charcoal.

    Claude Kelly's work on Christina Aguilera's drinks coaster of an album Bionic (he wrote a Lion's share of that garbage) was weak. But he is a great songwriter. (Check Brandy's Human inlay and see which songs he wrote on that :P) But this tweet came off like he was trying to get on a high horse and look down on certain songs when he went and wrote Christina Aguilera half an album of nothing but shaking booty in the club, poppin' bottles and acting a ho.

  3. He did work on "Camouflage" and "True" didn't he? Two of my favorites!

    No doubt he's a good writer, but this is funny, lol.


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