Random J original: Final Fantasy X-2 x Smash into you

Final Fantasy X-2 x Smash into you | Random J original
I'd been wanting to do something with Final Fantasy X-2's "1000 words" scene for a while now. One Sunday I decided I was going to do it and this is the result.

I know, I know. The lip syncing doesn't match up 100% (unfortunately). But the song goes alongside the sequence nicely. After hearing Leona Lewis in a Final Fantasy game, the flood gates are now open for Square Enix to tow the line again. Beyoncé wouldn't be a damn thing! Although she'd probably try to claim song writing credit for a song which existed, was recorded by a Japanese artist and then translated before she got her lace front glue encrusted hands on it.

"Smash into you" has to be one of Beyoncé's best songs. Song writing scandal aside, she sings the absolute hell out of this song and it is amazing. I think it's such a shame it wasn't released as a single. Double A-siding "Radio" and "Smash into you" could have done huge things for Beyoncé. Because the singles that came after "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)", "If I were a boy" and "Halo" were all messes.

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  1. That was really cool, i vever really played Final Fantasy but i always loved the style etc of it.
    I never listened to "smash into you" either even though everybody was always talking about it but it's a perfect fit.
    I'm gonna go listen to "Radio" now lmao


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