Single art: Christina Aguilera - You lost me

Christina Aguilera - You lost me | Single art
Let's just get it out of the way shall we? Bitch is crying because of them album sales. There!

The artwork uses an existing Bionic promo shot, but it is really pretty and effective. Reminds me a lot of Michael Jackson's "You rock my world" single art and a lot of the Invincible promo's which seemed to all fixate on his eye: the only part of his body that some back alley surgeon didn't go and completely ruin.

"You lost me" is a great song. But I'm beginning to wonder if it will be able to help Bionic on its own at this point. Double A-siding it with "Woohoo" would have been a much better option. Clubs in the UK are slowly starting to catch onto it, and radio stations have now begun to spin it. One station in particular which I tune into has been playing it on a pretty regular basis for the past 2 weeks now.

"Woohoo" had big single potential from the day it leaked. But with Nicki Minaj having nabbed herself a BET award and continuing to be hot property (despite not having a damn album out) would have really put some fire behind it. Christina needs to have a new joint going hard in the clubs; because "Dirrty" is as old and as dry as dirt, and "Not myself tonight" was outdated the second Polow Garagebanded that beat. "Woohoo" could have been the one. Hopefully RCA will pull their heads out of their arseholes and make it happen.

Listen to it: Christina Aguilera's single "You lost me"
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  1. The artwork looks a lot like the artwork for "Fighter" too. I agree with you that Releasing this with "WooHoo" would have been a great idea when i was out on the weekend just as we got to the club i heard it inside and practically threw all my friends down the stairs to get to it lmao :p
    I heard that "I hate boys" is going to be released as well but i'm not sure :p this whole era is a mess promotion and single wise atm. smh...


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