That 2010 MTV movie awards Katy Perry swag

Katy Perry on the red carpet of the 2010 MTV movie awards | Photo
Britney did wild coloured hair and jewels on the titties 6 years ago, but it's okay. I'm feeling the blue hair. I'm feeling the outfit. I'm feeling the nails. F**k it. I'm just digging Katy Perry's roll out at the MTV movie awards this year. Even though her performance wasn't that great, I was attracted by all the flashing lights, colours and chicks with their legs open on roller skates.

I didn't think Katy would still be in the game this long, so I take my hat off to her for not only staying afloat, but catching what was a number 1 hit from the word go for her second studio album; and also netting Russell Brand as a fiancee and The Forehead as a best friend. Both of which are bound to give a chick some extra career miles.

Despite digging "California gurls" like a wedgie, I'm not looking forward to or anticipating Katy Perry's new Teenage dream album. But I will check it out when it drops. If Tricky Stewart, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Benny Blanco are on their A-game with the productions and songwriting, it will probably be a hotter album than any of us thought it could be. As long as Katy keeps away from Timbaland, she should be okay.


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