Usher performs "OMG" on Britain's got talent

Usher performs 'OMG' on Britain's got talent | Live performance
"OMG" has more legs than those yellow caterpillars with the flower on their heads in Super Mario that get angry on a plumber when you jump on them. I'm full of Super Mario references today. It must be my desire for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Too bad I'm so broke I can't buy it.

Watch Usher do the damn thing to that song that's so garbage you love it. Usher's albums and single choices are a mess these days. But he still has the live performance game on absolute lock down.

N***a had me the second he went down that slide. I wish I still hated "OMG", but the song knocks so hard in the car and in the clubs it feels like the best thing ever. It's sad to think that Usher has to resort to these kinds of joints to get a hit these days though. But at least he's not waving his dirty drawers in public for the hits. Though not for the lack of him trying. *cough*"Papers"*cough*.


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