Album art: Kanye West's 5th studio album

Kanye West's 5th studio album | Album art
This is said to be the artwork for Kanye's fifth studio album, and it looks pretty legit to me. But Kanye is yet to reveal the albums' name. It was previously titled Good ass job - a title he'd said he would give one of his albums way back in 2004. But Kanye took to his Twitter (follow this man. His tweets are inspirational and life changing) to confirm this was no longer the album title and that he was bouncing around a few different ideas for the name.

I'm wondering what this egotistical man is going to call this record. I'm on stand-by for him to tweet that he's calling the album King Kanye. That sounds like the kind of big headed shit that dude would roll with. Plus it'd tie in with the album artwork, that big ugly ass chain he wore during his BET awards performance, and his recent penchant for things gold, shiny and regal like.


  1. It's aiiiight. That is an ugly ass chain though.

  2. it's cool, have you seen the behind the scene's video of the "power" vid though?
    like WOOOOOOOOOOW!!! it looks EPIC (and i know i say that a lot but this time i literally mean EPIC).

    If Gaga can get 13 VMA nominations for Bad Romance and Telleflop then Kanye had better blow the b**** outta the water next year! Again i would just like to reiterate W - O - W... #CaseClosed


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