BoA's return to Music bank

The moment many thought would never come: BoA back in Korea, performing and shit.

Seeing BoA rock it on Music bank feels so strange, but it was a nice return to form. Sexuality is not something we've often seen from BoA on stage. So it was kinda weird to see her lay on a guy, grind up on another and then run her hand down one dudes legs towards the goodies; but it felt right. You know me. I love a good grind and some on-stage smut.

Check her out performing "Hurricane venus" and "Dangerous" after the jump.

Hurricane venus @ Music bank

Dangerous @ Music bank

The "Hurricane venus" performance was hot. You could genuinely see that BoA was happy to be back on a Korean stage doing her thing. And the little faces she kept pulling to the camera during the breakdown section were really cute. "Dangerous" was boring at first, but once she started working it out towards the end, it got better.

BoA oozed confidence and looked like she had fun. But I still felt like the performances were missing something. The choreography was good enough, but the routines did not pop or stick in my head. And if there's one thing the K-game knows how to do, it's drop a catchy ass dance that you forever associate with the song. "Eat you up" and "I did it for love" had better routines than what "Hurricane Venus" and "Dangerous" got.

I really do think it's a shame SM entertainment did not push "Game". Because it's one of the strongest songs on Hurricane Venus in my opinion. Give that shit a catchy dance and have a bitch perform it on Music bank and Inkigayo and it's game over.


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