Britney and The Neptunes are at it again

The Neptunes do Britney again | Britney Spears' new album
As has been widely reported, Britney has begun recording her follow up to Circus. Producers tied to the project have slowly been making themselves known that they're working for Britney - such as Danja, Max Martin and Rodney Jerkins. And now a registered song with BMI reveals Britney has once again worked with The Neptunes. This marks the third album that they've coontributed to, after the huge reinvention of Britney's sound for "I'm a slave 4 U" and "Boys" for her Britney album, and also the semi-autobiographical "Why should I be sad" from her Blackout album. I love everything The Neptunes have done with Britney thus far. I even dug the unreleased "Sugarfall". So I cannot wait to hear this song. I'm hoping The Neptunes come overly stank with the beat and take a bitch to the clubs. Of course, she wouldn't be able to dance for shit. But they still need to take her there.


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