Fantasia brings (another) house down on Lopez tonight

Fantasia performs 'Man of the house' on Lopez tonight | Live performance
Homewrecking-Hood-Ho Fantasia took her homewrecking self to George Lopez to belt out a song lifted her album called "Man of the house". Shit should have been changed to "Man of somebody else's house that my ass don't live in".

I'd love for Triple H and Alicia 'Gimme Mashonda's set of' Keys to cut a joint together. It'd be wrong as hell, but you know it would be fire.

Hot performance. I'm not keen on the song, but Fantasia did good, and she didn't look a complete hot mess. In fact, she looked rather nice. The hair was did right and the dress fitted right. As long as she stays rolling with a good stylist and keeps away from other bitches husbands, and medicine cabinets, she'll be fine.


  1. I think your due
    for a music review
    boo-boo. LOL
    I think you should do
    a review
    on her new
    album after two
    and tell the whole crew
    what's up with you?
    'Cause I sure as hell ain't got a clue LMAO

    Sorry for the bad poem...


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