Jenny on the American idol block

She can't sing... | 'shopped by J ;P
Jennifer Lopez is currently being wooed to appear as a judge on American idol. She's not signed any papers as of yet. But if the bitch knows what's good for her, she'll sign them in her own blood, finger print the top corner with Emmy and Max's doo-doo and then spray them papers with her latest fragrance. American idol exposure is what this woman's career needs right now. Because that Love? album won't be coming off of that shelf in L.A Reid's office without it.

Jennifer Lopez can't sing for shit herself. But you're probably more inclined to take on board feedback from a star who has actually managed to sell records than the dopey lesbian fish from Finding Nemo. Then again...

You don't need to be able to sing to tell when someone else can or can't hold a tune. But you would still be pissed if you had to stand in front of the judges and listen to Jennifer Lopez...F**KING JENNIFER LOPEZ salt your vocal game. Especially after she massacred the art of singing on Saturday night live.

Tomorrow Stevie Wonder will be announced as the judge of America's best dance crew.


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