Joe McElderry is gay... Oh look, tumbleweed!!

Joe McElderry's lead single 'Say ahh' | 'shopped by J ;P
X-Factor 2009 winner Joe McElderry has officially come out. I think everybody is as shocked that Joe McElderry is gay as they are that Beyoncé wears wigs. The dude came out the second he stepped out onto that X-Factor stage. But still, kudos to him. It can be difficult enough to come out on a personal scale, let alone a nationwide one. So I won't make jokes about who has taken more shots in the mouth out of him and 50 Cent.

This seems to be the format for gay acts in these shows: To officially come out when you win or nab a record deal. Will Young, Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert did the exact same thing. They came out after the show, even though everybody and their dead relative knew they were gay during it.

This isn't even a big deal news wise, because Joe McElderry isn't a big deal. His record label are going to have their work cut out trying to keep this boy famous for any long period of time. He's as dry as un-buttered toast. I honestly don't think The X-Factor is yet to deliver an winner who exudes star quality and has the X-Factor. I can't see any of the winners so far having long lasting careers other than Leona. That girl is lucky she has such a good voice, because there ain't f**k all else to her. And I think even she might struggle to maintain a career which doesn't involve singing on cruise liners when the record sales dry up.

In more interesting Joe McElderry related news, he's currently working on his new album with Grammy award winning and a little bit washed up producer Dallas Austin. Dallas Austin is the man behind many of TLC's songs, the Sugababes Taller in more ways ("Push the button", "Gotta be you", "Ugly", "Obsession", "It ain't easy") and Namie Amuro's single from her Style album "Put 'em up".