Kelly Rowland runs through the songs for iheartradio

Kelly Rowland's gig for iheartradio | Live performance
Kelly did an intimate gig for iheartradio where she ploughed through her hits (or more like hit), a new song, her forthcoming single "Rose coloured glasses" and a medley of Destiny's child songs.

Kelly's live game is as inconsistent as Brandy's weaves. It always has been. She mimed the majority of the time during this gig. And when she did sing live, she sounded like roadkill. But she looked hot and her swagger was on-point at the very least.

I forgot how hot Kelly sounded on "Bootylicious". One of the few songs on Survivor where you actually remembered that Destiny's child had 2 other chicks in the group other than Beyoncé. Although Beyoncé went all out on that song during the chorus to outshine a bitch.


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