Kylie teases ("Get outta my way" teaser)

Bitch best move in this video. Move like the life of her 2 month old nephew depends on it. I don't want some shit that looks like her "Slow" video in HD with snazzy CGI. I want to see grinding, people getting low, Kylie throwing them curls about the place and stepping like them heels aren't crippling the toes. Work bitch. "Get outta the way" is one of Kylie's hottest singles since she was rolling out the fire with Fever. She best do it proud with a good video.

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  1. I can tell this video is gonna be awsome, i got the "slow" connotations too but i think they knew what they were doing with that all along.
    She'll probably make you believe it's Slow 2.0 and then pull some mad moves lol
    Did you see her Amerca's Got Tallent performance? that was epic!
    She should incorporate some of those moves into the vid and what with all the chairs scattered about i think she will.
    "All the Lovers" was a teaser now the real shit goes down, Kylie is about to take over and she better win annother Grammy for this! lol

  2. aight now...let's not go so far as to say the america's got talent performance was epic. it was pretty good, but kylie sure wasn't bustin a move. the choreography simply repeated during the verse and they hit that first pose with her on the chair one too many times. "get outta my way" is on point but i just hope kylie either really gets down in the vid, looks smashingly amazing, or both at the same time! if the background vid on stage was any indication, i suspect kylie will look good, i just want her to really get down and groove!

  3. @Byan is right about some things, the choreography was repeated but they might have added more by now.
    The atmosphere of the performance was epic though. Pluss i love that crazy spaced out Charlene (from Neighbours) hair she has going and she always looks way better with a tan too.


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