Maroon 5 's debut performance of their new single "Give a little more"

Maroon 5 perform 'Give a little more' | Live performance
Maroon 5 have snuck out a second single from their forthcoming album Hands all over. And as with "Misery" it's a little different from anything they've done before. The sound is certainly familiar though...

Maroon 5 is on some Michael Jackson ish with this song. It makes me wanna put on a white glove and start doing some crazy footwork on the kitchen tiles in socks (for the glide factor). I won't. But I really do want to.

The music video to "Give a little more" will be directed by Paul Hunter and should drop before within the next 4 weeks before the album.


  1. Hot hot song!

    Definitely MJ vibes. I was really feeling the old school with the "whoo hoos" at the end.

  2. Oh yeah, and just had to say, Adam Levine struggled with them high notes. Yeesh.

    Still love the song though. I'll be buying the album of course.


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