Music video: Daichi Miura - The answer

The video reminded me of a more stylized and darker version of "Your love". Nothing spectacular, but it suited the song nicely. It's always great to see Daichi dance, because the guy can move! Although I'm still waiting on him to drop a video where he takes it there how he did when he danced for Chris 'Take you down' Brown on Super Chample.

"The answer" is probabaly one of Daichi's best singles. I've always thought his previous releases were just okay. But I really liked this song. Even if it did sound a little Jason Derulo and anybody-ish. There was just something about it that I really liked and latched onto.

Daichi seems to be coming into his own a little more as an artist now. Before he sounded and looked restrained, but he seems to believe in his shit a little more now - which is always great to see in a blossoming artist.

Daichi Miura's debut album was pretty damn good. One song in particular gets regular spins on the iPod. I'll have to get around to reviewing it one of these days, because it really was a decent debut.


  1. I just adore him. He's one of my favorite singers.

    You can find the pv subbed here:


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