Music video: Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj - 2010 (It ain't the end)

Whenever I see featuring Nicki Minaj, I just know I'm going to be all over her verse. Once again she came correct with her shit. I will be checking for that Pink Friday album. I've been abusing "Massive attack" for the past few weeks. I'm still not trying to hear anybody tell me that song is rubbish. Shit is a banger.

I guess I should mention Jay Sean...seeing as it was his music video and all. I'm no fan of his songs. They're just throwaway and indistinct. I give him props for being a UK artist signed to Cash money though. It is a big look. I know Craig David must be crying over this shit. Especially seeing as it was Craig David who Jay Sean seemed to be modelling himself after in the beginning.


  1. You need, I SAID YOU NEED , to post Trey's new video with Nikki Minaj!!!!

    After seeing Her in it, I stan for the woman now!!!
    Bitch MADE THE SONG AND THE VIDEO for me!!!


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