Music video: M.I.A - XXXO

This video was whack. I wasn't sure what to make of it at first. But after sitting and thinking for all of 2 minutes, I resolved with my feelings that this video is garbage. M.I.A looked hot from start to finish. But the video itself was just whack. It wasn't even about the nasty special effects looking like forum signature GIF images, because it's part of M.I.A's style. You pretty much expect her music videos to look like visual messes. But a song like "XXXO" really should have had a harder hitting, more engaging and explosive music video. There should have been flares, lasers, strobe lights, sparks and shit. But instead the music video ends up looking like some early morning commercial for premium chat on a freeview cable channel.

Releasing the video to "XXXO" now serves pretty much no purpose. This video should have dropped well over a month ago when people were actually caring about the song and her album.


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