Music video: Scissor sisters - Any which way

This video is as random as hell, but pretty f**king awesome. After Kylie Minogue came out during the Scissor Sisters' set at Glastonbury to perform this song and pretty much shut shit down, I wondered if this song could work as well without her. Turns out it works just fine.

I'm not really a Scissor sisters fan, but I've recently grown rather fond of their song "Invisible light". It's such a great song! It's like Michael Jackson's Thriller, only mo' camp and with Gandalf.


  1. wow this is so different to "fire with fire" which i found too drpressing. I loved this when Kylie performed it with them too and now this video has got me back on it lol

    p.s yeah "Invisible Light" is amazing *goes & plays it* LOL at Gandalf <3


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