Music video: Sean Garrett featuring Tyga & Gucci Mane - She geeked

When is this guy going to realize his solo career has less of a shot at blowing up than Cassie's? "Grippin' on the bed", this crap, him on BoA's "I did it for love", spouting nonsense on Britney's "Toy soldiers" and on Nicki Minaj's "Massive attack". Nobody is interested!

I will not lie though. If I was in a club and this song came on, I would lean to it. But I wouldn't particularly like it, or be running up to the DJ asking who the song is by. It's just throwaway. Like most of what Sean "Hear a smash on the radio bet my ass didn't pen it" Garrett has been accountable for over the past couple of years.

The last so good they were crimes songs he was responsible for were "Green light", "Get me bodied" and "Upgrade U". Although "Green light" sounded straight Solange to the point you can smell Daniel Julez's nappies through the speakers when the song played. I still wonder who at Columbia decided "Deja vu" and "Ring the alarm" were better singles to go with.

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