Music video: Secret - Madonna

Did these bitches just go and rip off Amerie and Austin Powers: Goldmember!?

The song isn't that great. The verses are hot, but the chorus sucks toes. It is nice to hear a K-Pop girl group work a different sound to what other chicks are doing though. But they need to step that swagger game up. You can't be dropping Go-Go inspired songs and not thrash those hair extensions like the future of South Korea depends on it. Amerie and Beyoncé swore a pledge of weave thrashing when they decided to work Go-Go into their music. Secret need to do the same, or step down.


  1. J I'm not used to those K or J-pops,

    but maan I thought those chicks were HOT AS HELL!!!

    The swagger WAS THEEERRE brother, from the begenning to end (at some parts the were a little off)
    But all in ann They HAD IT MAAAN!!!

    I was actually SURPRISED by all of they doin', Wasnt expecting that AT ALL!


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