Music video: Yuna Ito - I don't want to miss a thing

Anybody who has seen Nana: The movie will recognize this chick and know she can hold a tune or two. So her covering one of Aerosmith's biggest hits is not such a horrendous move. Especially seeing as the song was intended for a female singer in the first place. Celine Dion to be exact.

I like how Yuna sounds, but I can't say I love, or even like her rendition. It was just 'whatever' to me. And the video was dusty too. Not a meteor, a ring of fire, a space shuttle or an explosion in sight.

I've tried to give Yuna Ito chances, but I find her music boring. She has a good voice, but gets given such weak material which is barely memorable 10 seconds after you hear to it. "Endless story" is that crack and will always be her best and most memorable song as far as I'm concerned. That shit is timeless! I always play that shit on those cold nights when I feel the need for a good Japanese power ballad.


  1. Well, hold up J. Have you heard Yuna's album DREAM? It's a lot better and less bland than her other two(?) albums. It has a kind of tropical, funky, pop/pop-rock thing going on. It's really consistent (I guess you could say it's her Aphrodite?) But, I've actually never heard "Endless Story", so I don't know how good it is.

    On the subject of the song, I liked it. Not amazing, but I liked it. She makes it sound WAY too easy to sing, though. I think the thing that made the original so awesome was that Steven Tyler has a lower range and his voice is scratchier, so that put some more emotion in the song.

  2. "The song was intended for a female singer in the first place. Celine Dion to be exact."

    Really? I didn't know that, interesting...
    I don't actually like the original and even though Yuna sounds nice (no Engrish is a plus!) but the cover isn't any better.

  3. I love her cover "My Heart Will Go On" and "Hard To Say I'm Sorry", but this cover just always inferior to the original, the concept fail, her singing also fail, the video is never can be more fail, totally failure


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