My first memory of Aaliyah

I remember the first time I saw Aaliyah was on my cousin's bedroom wall. I was just drawn to her picture, because I kept thinking "What the hell kind of girl wears no make-up, baggy mens clothes and has a damn car registration plate around their neck!?" It was a stupid image to me at the time, but it's one that stuck and kept me staring at that one poster amongst the hundreds of Right-On magazine pull-outs which covered every millimetre of wallpaper on my cousins wall. This was my introduction to Aaliyah and at this point I didn't ever think I'd grow to like her as much as I did and would become such a fan and lover of her music.


  1. Haha that made me laugh, Aaliyah was so cool, i'm not her biggest fan or anything but her music is awsome and unlike a lot of stuff that came out at that time it's still fresh today.
    I don't remember when i first found out about her but "Interview with the vampire" is my favourite film and then when they made "Queen of the damned" i thought it was gonna be crap, it was, but Aaliyah was the only good thing in it she fascinated me and she was so amazing.

    I also remember her because when my dad is cursin girls like Beyonce out he's like remember Aaliyah she was so beautiful and naturally so blah blah lol he is right though.


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