Namie rocks short hair, and looks even younger

Namie rocks short hair in the September '10 issue of Ginza magazine | Photoshoot Namie rocks short hair in the September '10 issue of Ginza magazine | Photoshoot

Namie has to be wearing a wig. Because ain't no way in hell she'd ever cut that hair and risk losing them Vidal Sassoon cheques. Unless of course she saw Iconiq coming to throw a spanner in the works and figured she take scissors to the tresses too.

I don't know what Namie has been on over the years, but she does not age. And this short pixie cut she's sporting makes her look even younger. I cannot believe this woman is 32 years old with an 12 year old son. She makes them Morning musume hoes look like they're in their thirties, and makes Ayumi Hamasaki look like somebodies Grandmother despite being the same age as her.

'Ginza' September 2010 @ Namie news network


  1. WTF?! Ayumi is the same age as her?! O_O
    I don't mean to make it seem like Ayu looks old because she doesn't but we all know she has work done so it's not supprising she looks so young.
    Namie looks awsome with this style!!! I wish she would cut her hair she looks amazing like this and with the bob in the "Love Game" video but you're right she won't drop those cheques.

    The thing that annoys me about her long hair is that when she's done up for ads or vids it looks great but when she's just performing it looks limp & lifeless (no jokes) lol

  2. Those eyes look like she's been toking it up though.

    Just an observation.

  3. HAHA ^^^ yeah that's true, i was getting the cool crack head vibe from them, like Kate Moss style lol (not that she looks like Kate).

  4. God, she's one of those women who looks good however she's styled in hair, clothes, makeup, whatever. She's like, the Asian version of Halle Berry. That short hair looks absolutely amazing.


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