Of Montreal and Solange work that "Sex karma" on Jimmy Fallon live

Of Montreal and Solange perform 'Sex karma' on Jimmy Fallon | Live performance
Of Montreal and Solange kicked it on stage once before to deliver a kick ass rendition of Jackson 5's "I want you back", and the collaborative efforts continued when they took to the stage together again to perform the song "Sex karma". This shit shouldn't work so well, but it does. The whole thing had me feel like I was trippin' on acid and weed.

I think Kevin Barnes likes him some chocolate. That good, unique, soul rich chocolate. Not that Nestle crap. Of Montreal's tenth studio album False priest not only features the song "Sex karma" with Solange, but two songs featuring Janelle Monáe - marking the third collaboration between the two after Kevin Barnes wrote and produced a song for Janelle's debut The ArchAndroid.