Single art: Ciara - Gimme dat & Speechless

Ciara - Gimme dat | Single cover Ciara - Speechless | Single cover

Ciara is releasing "Speechless" and "Gimme dat" as a double A-side and will be shooting videos for both songs. This is a really good look, because both songs have the potential to do big things chart wise on both sides of the Atlantic, and cater to the two sides of Ciara that fans seem torn between. "Speechless" will no doubt have Ciara grinding all about the floor in some budget ass video, whilst "Gimme dat" gets the budget and has Ciara pussy poppin' in some warehouse.

The single art for "Speechless" so should have been the Basic instinct album cover.


  1. that gimme dat art is wack as hell! she looks crazy jumpin around in the rain with her mouth all open. the video better be good to redeem that wackness!

  2. Do you know half the world is saying that the "Speechless" single cover should've been the cover for "Basic Instinct"? I think 'someone' should take notes or otherwise she won't last past four albums.


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