Single art: Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way

Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way | Single art
William Baker must have maxed out the hard drive space of his iMac and burnt out a camera with the amount of pictures he took for Kylie's Aphrodite album. Dude took some killer photo's. Yet this terrible ass picture and badly botched together mess is what somebody knocks up for the "Get outta my way" single cover!? Kyle's is lucky the song is so good and people don't care about single arts how I do. This is a damn mess. And that font can f**k itself to hell too.

Kylie had better not mess up with this video. Although I don't think she will if her live performances and Aphrodite roll out thus far is anything to go by. "Get outta my way" will be a hit for this woman. Believe that! The chorus is pure gold.

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