Sky Ferreira's debut UK performance of "One"

Sky Ferreira performs 'One' on The 5.19 show | Live performance
Despite not having the best voice and looking like some WC1 tramp most of the time, there's something about this girl I really like. She's a little rough around the edges, doesn't give a shit, but is still very much a young girl and I love that. But this performance isn't the best showcase of her or how hot a song her single "One" is though...

This was such an awkward performance because nothing about it seemed right. Sky's mic was turned down way too low, and the backing track featured too many of Sky's vocals.

Those who have heard the album version of "One" know it is a highly edited song. Sky's vocals are auto-tuned, vocoded, filtered and pretty much f**ked with. You can't just drop a karaoke version of it and have Sky sing over it live, because as we witnessed: it doesn't work. The song should have been re-arranged so it worked better live. The mic was an issue, but not the sole reason why this performance didn't work.

I still love the song though. It's a cracking pop record.


  1. This girl is simply Awesome! Cannot wait for Obsession


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