Sneaky snippet: Kumi Koda - Suki de, suki de, suki de

Kumi Koda - Suki de, suki de, suki de | Sneaky snippets
Kumi Koda has a double A-side on the way, and here's a 2 minute preview of one of the songs. The chorus stinks of Ayumi Hamasaki so bad, it's like Ayu herself is p***y popping her unwashed, product endorsed vagina in your face when it kicks in.

Listen: Suki de, suki de, suki de

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This is an upgrade from that awful piece of shit ballad "Alive", but it's still not on par with Kumi earlier slow numbers. Bitch ain't ever coming better than "You" or "Hands" as far as I'm concerned. Those two songs right there are Kumi classics that won me over so bad, that I had to pour the Haterade down the sink and admit this chick actually has some game.


  1. I agree that this is a step up from "Alive" but i did't really get that Ayu vibe from it, in fact it sort of reminded me of "Stay with me" in places.
    I still can't believe (Sl)Avex is putting Ayumi & Kumi up against each other X_X

    The funny thing is that i liked this song and then i listened to Ayu's new ballad and liked it even more. They usually sound the same but she stepped up on this one even though i'm not gonna talk about the video at this point... smh.

  2. Meh, doesn't do anything for me :/

  3. Oh wow i just found out that the song i thought was Ayu's new one was "Heaven" from 5 years ago :P
    When you don't age these mistakes happen, hope her new song is good lol


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