The 4.0's (formerly known at the "Sugababes") drop a perfume

The 4.0's new stink | Photo
The 4.0's have a new fragrance out, and it probabaly stinks like their last album did. Nobody wants to smell like failure, but obviously the Sugababes (and some crazy person) concur there are some that do.

If you're crazy enough to want this, you won't need to bother hitting up the perfume counter at Boots, House of Fraser or The Perfume shop; as this will probably retail in a Superdrug bargain bin for £2.99, and be given away free with every purchase over £5 once the overstock gets serious.

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  1. Oh dear... what shall i say...

    They really need to concentrate on making this last (and possibly final) album unique and putting out cheap perfumes is not a good look.
    They need to be making decent music again after the "Sweet 7" mega flop and be taken seriously as a band again but instead they throw out what looks like the Tesco value version of Britney Spears's "Fantasy" perfume ~_~

    This album is the last chance they have with me and i'm not even gonna automatically buy it out of "solidarity" if it's good i will, if it's not i'll go back to praying Siobhan comes out with a new album and gets some recognition because her "Ghosts" album is one of the best i ever heard and sold less than "S7" and that Mutya gets off her plastic ass, puts the strongbow down and gets back in the studio.


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