Album art: Kings of Leon - Come around sundown

Kings of Leon - Come around sundown | Album art
Despite the Followill's going through a make over for Only by the night and looking hot enough to grace an album cover, they've gone with this picturesque postcard like image. And I like it! Only rock, Indie bands and Kanye West can get away with this shit

Only by the night was a hot album. In fact all of Kings of Leon's albums are hot. So I'm looking forward to hearing Come around sundown. Only the night marked a bit of a departure for the band with its brighter sound, hints of Pop and Caleb actually being understandable on half the songs. So I'm keen to hear the direction for this new album. Do you think the album cover is in an indication of what to expect sonically?


  1. I had no idea you liked Kings of Leon. Your eclecticity (I don't think that's a word) never ceases to amaze me. :)

    I have "Only by Night" and I really liked it. There were a couple songs I wasn't feeling but, overall, very solid album. "Sex on Fire" was always my favorite.

    As for the new album cover, it's really nice. If it is a representation of how the music is going to sound, are they going for a more laid back feel? lol

  2. Yeah who doesn't love Kings of Leon? ^_^

    Cool album cover, reminds me of Kate Bush's last album "Aerial".


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