Album art: Kumi Koda - Eternity: love & songs

Kumi Koda - Eternity: love & songs | Album art
Kumi looks nice. She continues to purse her mouth in a way that has me wince every time I look at the teeth; but she does look nice and dignified. Part of me is wishing she'd had tainted this respectful album with some smut though. Just so I know that the J-Pop ho I refused to admit I'd fallen for is still in there somewhere.

Kumi has done every other type of album and special release under the sun except Enka. So I guess a cover album was inevitable. Avex probably Blackberry messaged Kumi to hit the studio and record one after word was floating around that Hikaru Utada may do the same, in an attempt to cop block a chick. This album could be good as long as the producers and Kumi don't f**k with the songs too much. After hearing Kumi Koda kill Momoe Yamaguchi's "Ii hi tabadachi", I actually wanted her to do more songs like it. So I'm not even mad at this cover album.

And a 'Thankyaverrrmurch' to Sarah for the heads up on the album cover.


  1. Yay I helped :D
    And I didn't notice her teeth until you mentioned it, now I can't UN-see it!!

  2. LOL i noticed the teeth but only this time X_X they gave her all that surgery and didn't get the teeth done? that's basic...

    I actually hate it when Kumi looks like this with the natural hair etc i just want her thrashing about wearing basic coverage and baby oil, bring Ho Kumi back!

    So is she releasing a new studio album and this album? wouldn't supprise me...


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