Album art: Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II you

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II you | Album art
Mariah's scraped the bottom of so many barrels for this Christmas album, that she should star in the next Donkey Kong country game.

I see Mariah continues to chase the past, by attempting to mimic the exact same pose of her original Christmas album. And as we know, Mariah keeps it consistent with the fonts; so of course that shit is back too.

Mariah looks nice on this album cover. Somebody photoshopped her head onto the body of Taki from Soul Calibur. But she does look nice. The cover as a whole is some mixtape looking mess though.

I genuinely can't wait to hear Mariah f**k up Christmas songs. I loved her original Christmas album. But she recorded that when her vocal game was tipitty top. Now it's so worn, torn and inconsistent, she's having to resort to auto-tune, filters and super reverb just to sound wholly decent. I'm waiting on the new "All I want for Christmas is you". The original song is a classic and is already down in history to the point it's pretty much a traditional Christmas song. Miming MiMi should let it be. But I love that a ho is so desperate to remind people of how she ran game back in the day, that she's willing to screw herself over in the process. Any lamb who think her new take on "All I want for Christmas is you" will be a patch on the original should be tasered.

New single "Oh Santa" will be dropping soon. It'll probably sound like "Don't forget about us" with sleigh bells.


  1. 1. Yeah the cover looks mixtapeish but she does look nice lol

    2. PLEASE not annother "AIWFCIY" after that hoodrat one...

    3. I dunno, when she sang at that concert in Brazil her voice was amazing and you could tell it was live, pregnancy must be doing something for her voice.

    4. Go on her website and there's a video message from her with some Christmasy music in the bachground and loads of people think it's the instrumental to "Oh Santa". It sounds good.


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