BoA prepares to "Copy and paste"

A Hurricane Venus repackage already? Is anybody surprised? I sure as hell ain't. This is how SM entertainment roll. They repackage albums with new songs not even a month after the original issue. Plus, BoA already tweeted about the repackage weeks ago.

Now let's throw a ho some compliments before I begin to sling the doo-doo (which is never far from happening when it comes to my love / hate relationship with BoA). BoA looks amazing. And the song title could not be any more fitting. "Copy and paste" sums up the Korean music scene right now to an absolute tee. And who better to front that than BoA. Watch this space. She'll probabaly have a new Japanese single and video out by November.


  1. It was no surprise to you but I was! The title did make me laugh though, is it suppose to be a sarcastic joke? If so it's a good one!

    I personally don't get 'repackaged' albums, why don't you just release a new album? Anyone who didn't want the original version of the first album are not going to buy a 'special edition' of it.

  2. I agree with you on the state of the Korean music industry atm but...
    This song actually sounds good and the video looks WAY better than "Hurricane Venus" already.

    I think when BoA releases her new Japanese material she needs to stick with this image because i for one am getting bored of (sl)Avex pretending she's 12, releasing !Woo Weekend" with the AMAZING "No Dance, No Life" as a B Side? really? if they'd had "No Dance..." as the single with a hot vid like this she'd have been No1 not No10.


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