BoA takes "Copy & paste" to Music bank

BoA performs 'Copy & paste' on Music bank | Live performance
BoA debuted her performance of "Copy & paste" on Music bank. And whilst I do love to trash BoA's game from time to time. Bitch kinda shut it down with this one.

Of course my favourite part was when BoA got low after the first run of the chorus. But this whole performance was pretty hot. BoA looked amazing, even with her fried hair extensions. And whilst BoA wasn't really making the choreography pop, the routine was good.

"Copy & paste" shits all over "Hurricane Venus" and "Dangerous". It is quite the banger! It's such a shame that BoA's management and producers can't seem to get a solid hold of her single and album releases. They way they roll her music out is such a joke, and the really good songs just get lost amongst the mess. It still burns me that "Did ya", "Control" and "Lazer" pretty much got ignored despite having big single potential between them.


  1. The only problem I have is how her dance moves are all starting to look the same.

  2. BoA looks tired but fierce ... she owned the tune loved 1:39 - 1:44 didnt know she could do dat.
    this shoulda came out rather then venus

  3. I think the one at music core was better >_>


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