BoA takes it low for "Copy & paste" on Inkigayo

BoA performs 'Copy & paste' on Music bank | Live performance
BoA caught more heat than Lagos for her Music Bank performance, because she looked so dead, fed up and ran through the routine like she couldn't be bothered. She rectified in a big way with this performance. Non stop smiling and sharpness with the moves. Watch Hurricane Venus a good way!

Well, BoA just shut that down. She looked great. She looked fully engaged. And the routine popped so much more than it did when she performed on Music bank. She even took it down to the floor better. I insist BoA gets low for every song.


  1. wow! soooo much better! she really looked like she was enjoying herself. the music bank perf. looked like a rehearsal run through compared to this!


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