Christina speaks up on her record breaking failure of an album

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Bionic is a flop. And Christina spoke up for the very first (and probably last) time how she felt about it.
I'm not worried about it. The creative process involved with Bionic, that is over. I did what I wanted to do and I'm satisfied with it. If the album sells or if the songs are a hit, I don't care and I don't need to know it. I did my part and I gave 100% while I was doing it, and I'm proud of this work.
She sure did give 100% to Bionic...of fail!

This statement confirms what many thought all along: which is that Christina doesn't care whether Bionic bombs, which is kind of sad. She should care really. She certainly cares enough to have spoken on the subject of the albums' record breaking under performance and declare she gave the album her all. So why not do what you can to help the album sell? It's not like Christina's struggling to cling to her sanity, f**king paparazzi and giving herself number 1's in salon's how Britney was during Blackout's release.

I've said many a time that despite hating Bionic, that it has a couple of hot songs which would make great singles and could be given some great video treatments. It's a shame nobody at RCA records or Christina's household cares enough to push them.

Worry not. Britney will show a bitch how you roll out a hit album and a string of hot singles. And then Beyoncé will come along and show hoes how you salvage an underperforming album. Christina best be taking them notes.

Christina responds to Bionic flopping @ Flop of the pops

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  1. It's best that we all just get over the mess that was the Bionic era, XTina knows she needs to come with a new album this is dead atm sadly.

    btw i got a feeling she's pregnant so if it comes out later you heard it hear first ;)

    p.s XTina looks ready to SCALP a bitch in that photo lol

  2. This quote is taken out of context (no shit). She said this months ago (June) and she was comparing the creative process behind Bionic and the creative process behind Burlesque.

    And even if this was more recently, why should she care if the album bombs? It's like people have this fantasy of Christina crying everyday because she's not at the top of the charts. I guess no one wants their bubble burst and reminded that she has other stuff going on? Wouldn't it be worse for her to make excuses, to say I'm not proud of the work I did, to say the producers didn't give her the right stuff (like Brandy said about her last album)? She's happy with it, fans are happy with it, and regardless of what anyone has to say, the entire album is far from throwaway. She challenged herself artistically, stepped out of her box and did things she's never done before, which is really all you can ask for from an artist. You want her to cry because she's not on the Hot 100? Have you SEEN what's on the Hot 100 these days?! It's a shame that people pile on to bash one of the few artists working today who has real, undeniable talent. Like, seriously. Anonymous says "LOL Epic fail." What enjoyment could you possibly get out of her album doing poorly commercially? Like, that's the shit I don't think I'll ever understand. People get caught up in the politics of the music industry and they forget about the music itself. If it doesn't strike your fancy, then move the fuck on. Go talk about something you actually like.
    Another album that "bombed" this year: The ArchAndroid. If sales and popularity are the measure of an artist's worth, then Christina Aguilera and Janelle Monae are talentless hacks. I'm sorry, but that's not the world I live in. But, by all means, carry on.

  3. @Brandon, COMPLETELY agree.


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