Crystal give that soul stank for World happiness

The Yellow magic orchestra and Crystal Kay perform at World happiness | Live performance
Crystal appeared as a guest on stage alongside the Yellow magic orchestra to perform a cover of Sly & the family stone's "Thank you for talkin' to me, Africa". Once again, another tease of how Crystal really does need to record an English language studio album. I know she already did, but that shit was garbage. So we won't speak of it again and act like she never recorded it.

Proceed on to watch Crystal swag in a dress she probably stole from Mama Knowles, who probably snatched it off of Tina Turner's mannequin in the 70's whilst Ike was dancing on a bitches face in the dressing room.

Crystal's still got surprises in the bag. First that body, now the stank ass soul vocals. I had no idea Crystal had it like that vocally. She was killing shit on that stage. Too bad the crowd were as dead as Michael Jackson. Although in their defence Crystal could have given a little more physically. She really should have been popping her p***y to the bassline, thrashing weaves from stage left to stage right and dropping on the floor having fits how Beyoncé did at the BET awards.

Thanks for the linkage Deela!!


  1. Great performance! She should definitely drop an U.S album soon & tour overseas.........;}

  2. right!!! I love crystal!!!

  3. OMG!!!!! this was such a hot performance i had to takie it in 30 second intervals before i passed out LMAO
    I knew CK had it BUT i did not know she had it like that! and she was hitting the high notes too!!!

    She was hot and she's getting better on stage, she had some smooth weave thrashes in there lol

    p.s WTFFFF if i was in that audiance you'd think i needed and exorcism LOL


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