Hikaru pimps Pepsi. Makes fans so happy they could burst

Hikaru Utada won't be dropping her Single collection vol. 2 on the down low. Oh hell no. Bitch is going all out with a Pepsi endorsement, a Twitter account, performances and everything! Good on her. Chick needs that money to fund her hiatus. Because This is the one sure as hell ain't bringing in no revenue.

Suntory have called on the talents of Hikaru Utada to help flog their tasteless zero calorie beverage. She will star in a Pepsi nex commercial which was also feature a new song of hers. Well...kind of hers. The new song is a cover of Edith Piaf's "L'Hymne √† l'amour". But Hikaru's version will feature Japanese lyrics and also go by the slightly different title “Hyme a l’amour ~Ai no Anthem~”.

Hikaru will also perform two concerts at Yokohama arena on December 8 and 9. So it looks like I need to get saving then!

For a moment it seemed that Hikaru's impending hiatus might have been due to a lack of love for the passion of music and performing. But I'm glad to see it's not the case. I was expecting her second Single collection to roll out on the quiet, with no promotion whatsoever. So I'm both surprised and excited to see that she's nabbed a product tie-in deal to help push a new song, and that she'll be holding concerts.

Utada new pepsi cm song / concert dates announced / joins twitter @ Arama they didn't


  1. The title of the post is spot on! :D

  2. Hikki never does ANYTHING (except her Americans albums (which I really like by the way)) halfway. She goes the whole 9 yards. And this song seems like it will be epic. I never thought French and Japanese together could sound so good!


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