Hikaru's Pepsi nex commercial

I love what I'm hearing of the new song. It's different and quirky, yet 100% Hikaru Utada; so it manages to work even when it probably shouldn't. Most other chicks would crash and burn with shit. Shoot...they'd probably not even think of covering an Edith Piaf song in the first place!! Only this woman. 

Hikaru's voice sounds mad sexy. And Hikaru is working that dress.


  1. That was crazy! Part of me loved it and part of me kinda was confused; all around, it's good!!!

  2. i co-sign on nait's comment...and she looked so cute!!! love her!

  3. Dude, she's called Edith Piaf no Paif. Just wanted to point that one out. ;)

    On the other hand, I totally agree with you.

  4. LOL i agree with Nait, love and confusion.


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